PETRA LAMMERS | KONZEPTION & REGIE | inszenierung / staging

it all began…

with the THEATER

studying in Russia, then Kentucky, then New York. I came back, worked for Castorf at the Volksbühne Berlin – then went as an assistant via Switzerland to Düsseldorf – always assisting, writing, doing camera, and directing:

a lot of different plays

I directed in New York, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Switzerland, Vienna, and Düsseldorf.

and finally directing JERUVILLE – a container city project

JeruVille – a container city consisting of 16 containers, placed like a city with 35 performers enacting a created show.

The audience walks within, finds their own way.

vol.1&2 in Düsseldorf
…and vol3. in Hungary and Düsseldorf parallel

connecting the container cities via Facebook and Skype – two shows, two audiences at the same time, enacting with each other.

then came:

first directions in the event world

Panroyal for 2 1/2 years and now:

onliveline GmbH – office for concept & staging

we build a bridge from show to strategy, doing storytelling – live and online looking at everything as a process.

Fraunhofer Jahrestagung 2014

We started surprisingly with highly praised events: With the Fraunhofer Jahrestagung 2014 we won gold for Best Corporate Event at the FAMAB Award, gold for Best B2B Event & Best Technological Innovation at EuBEA, and an ADC Auszeichnung, and a special mention at German Design Award.

Fraunhofer Jahrestagung 2015

With the Fraunhofer Jahrestagung 2015 we won gold for Best Corporate Event at the FAMAB Award, at ADC bronze for Corporate Event, bronze for Craft Lighting, and Silver for Storytelling, at ADC*E we won gold for Sounddesign, at EuBEA bronze for Best B2B Event.

Fraunhofer Jahrestagung 2016

With the Fraunhofer Jahrestagung 2016 we won silver at the GALAXY Award 2016 and bronze at the EUBEA Award in the category Best B2B Event.

Fraunhofer Jahrestagung 2017 – extended

Then we extended the show into an online plattform, presenting all Fraunhofer Instituts, giving them a plattform for connection. We transferred it into an exhibit and tied it into a public space show in the heart of Dresden, presenting all instituts tied into the stories of Dresden itself – the audience followed a path from scene to scene exploring Fraunhofer and the city and therefore learned about the relevance and fascination of science.

Opening of the Porsche sculpture

For Porsche we were allowed to do another public event: with great night rehearsals and hundreds of really old and some really new Porsches.

Swarovski – festival of light

was then another public space event – yet much more poetic! For four weeks we staged the festival of light in the outdoor Swarovski Park in Wattens – interactive audio scenes were happening all over the park, made visible via lighting.

Heß-Club Tagung 2014-2016

Apart from the show direction, we developed interactive strategy summits, interactively and exploratively transmitting content with performers & exploration of country and its people

communiction campaign #wonachsuchstdu

From just internal communication, we then built the bridge into external storytelling, repositioning companies and their stories, and picking up socially relevant streams of communication like the relevance of science for Germany and its future by designing and guiding a playful, onlive-and-live awareness-campaign: #wonachsuchstdu

Heß-Club 2018

But never we left the large scenic storytelling, staging a four hour story around a dinner setting with around 120 animals and performers

Energetix 2015-2017

or: bringing the world of jewlery to life and making it so… beautiful – a pop-up setting

Award Shows

or: after twice running a three day show on a ship, two years later we told with a whole stage full of thunder boards the world of nordic gods

KIA Händler Tagung

or bringing a corporate setting and marketing visualization to life with an entire city projection mapping – and three hamsters!

and whatever comes next…