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GEBURTSTAG     16. Oktober 1977 in Brunsbüttel


Sept 2000 – Mai 2003

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Dramaturgy; GPA: 3,94
State University of New York at Stony Brook

Aug 2000

Master of Business Administration (MBA); GPA: 4.0
Murray State University, Kentucky
Spezialisierung in Marketing und Finanzierung

Juni-Juli 1999

Anglo Russian Theatre Company – ART-VIC – London

März-Mai 1999

Sankt Petersburger Akademie für Theaterkunst, Russland



looking into some corporate while studying:


Nov. 1997 – März 1999

Universität Regensburg – Betriebswirtschaftslehre
Vordiplom (~1.6)


Lessinggymnasium Wenden (Braunschweig); Abitur (~ 2.3)
Leistungskurse: Deutsch, Mathematik

Nov.2003 – June 2004

L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, Düsseldorf

Interims-Manager in trade-marketing

Product-Launch-Tour: organization, management and direction in 22 cities with Peppermint Jam, several star-hair-dressers and their models

October 1999

McKinsey – new land seminar, Arizona

June-July 1999

Unilever – Birds Eye Wall’s, London

Internship in marketing and market research

March-April 1998

VB – car battery GmbH, Hannover

Managerial internship

Summer 1996

Atlanta’s Committee of the Olympic Games (ACOG), Atlanta

Logistics in the Olympic Village


Aug 2013 – today

onliveline GmbH – office for concept & staging

Owner & CEO


concepts & stagings for – among others <br />
Fraunhofer/show&public space, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft/campaign, Allianz/strategy&show, Schuessler-Plan/show, MDL/PhilipsLighting, JOKE/KMD&BMW&concorso d’eleganza&SGP, Andree Verleger, insglück Köln, LK/Energetix, uniplan/Schüller, StudioNOW/Swarovski, pure perfection/Porsche, zet:project/Henkel&AMG, vok.dams/PBC&Evonic, lieblingsagentur/Postbank, Sollik/EA, 3C, Leoni, GKN


Fraunhofer Jahrestagung 2014-2019 – u.a. eine Lampen-Inszenierung und eine Public Space Inszenierung


2x FAMAB Award – gold for Best Corporate Event

ADC bronze, bronze, silber für Storytelling

ADC*E gold

2x EUBEA Award – gold & bronze for Best B2B Event & Best Technological Event

Galaxy gold

German Design Award


Max-Planck-Gesellschaft – Kommunikationskampagne #wonachsuchstdu


Schüßler-Plan – Licht/Laser-Jubiläums-Inszenierung


Heß-Club – 4Std. durchgehende Inszenierung im Equila-Showpalast

2015 & 2017

SGP – künstlerische Preisverleihungs-Inszenierung

August 2015

Porsche – Skulptur Einweihung

August 2015-2017

Exergetix – Katalogeröffnung

Oct 2014

Adidas – SMM Q3 opening show & team-event


Heß-Club 2014-2016 – Strategy Forum – concept & staging

May 2014

BMW IPV – F46 concept; M3&M4 – concept & staging

March 2014

Vorwerk – Ball der Besten 2014 – concept & staging

March 2014

Philips Lighting – light+building 2014 fair booth – concept and communication

German Design Award

March 2014

Samsung Electronics – CeBIT 2014 – concept and communication


Kia Motos Deutschland&Europpe – Händer Convention 2014 – Hamster-staging, car choreography, Kia-City Mapping

Gold beim GALA award


Dec 2013

Uni Oldenburg 2013 – opening show oft he 40year anniversary – staging

Sept 2013

Heß-Club 2013 – Gala-Show in the National Museum of Edinburgh

Dec 2010 – June 2013

Panroyal GmbH – Live-Communication/Event/Strategy/Incentive/Online

Concept and Creative-Direction

Some extracts:

(World-Energy-Congress – a line of communication on-/offline over 8 months with a congress and fair as a final momentum in South-Korea; the most important Siemens project in 2013 – full conception of all parts and details, realization of several parts in house: red line, round tables, blogger, social media, online events, videos, stand at the fair, evening events.
top level and client events, conception,
meeting with a silent-movie workshop for 250pax – conception and direction,
meeting Industry und Cities for 250pax – conception and realization)

Bosch (awards, mgt meetings – conception, realization)

Fraunhofer Award Ceremony 2010-2013 (Conception & direction of a complex, artistic, multimedia performance show)

Deutsche Bank (1800pax incentive – conception, realization panroyal)

Targobank (meeting – co-conception, realization panroyal)

DVAG (800pax Jubilee – conception)

Wüstenroth (conception)

Pfizer (online event)

EISAI (meetings and fair over 5 days – conception and realization)

Daichii (workshop)

EADS (conception)

MTU (conception)

June-Nov 2010

Domset – agency for live-communication

Key-Account & production lead creation (conception, CPL, direction)

Ülker: public viewing with hiphop contest and viral campagne

Infraserv Knapsack: change communication (pre-communication & event)

Arnecke Siebold: Jubilee. Space / communication / theme

AluRehab: client event with James Bond, Q and wheelchairs

Tuja: conception and direction of show: fallen angels on christmas

Phase One: conception and realization: a casino event

Google: conception: a roadshow

since June 2010

freelance conceptions

meat&potatoe – USANike6.0 & Myspace USA: an action sport container city; Hardrock Casino USA: a youtube series; SONY USA: a music video

Andre Verleger – Santana, China – co-conception

Formkontor – Herrenknecht; EP; scenopraphy – co-Conception

Kabelbrand – concept coaching

Panroyal – Fraunhofer Award Ceremony 2010, co-conception & CPL

Facts&Fiction – Aktion Mensch, church day 2010 – co-Conception

L’Oreal Professionnel – „Film-Noir“ – color launch and color-trophy, a road show through 6 cities – performance with 4 actors – direction & production lead




„JeruVille“ – a walkable theater event in a container city

conception, creative project lead, sponsoring, marketing & direction

vol.1 – Düsseldorf: June 2009, a project about realities, desires and visions of socially, culturally and religiously different youth

vol.2 – Düsseldorf: June 2010, a pubic study the theme of new media

vol.3 – Budapest & Düsseldorf, Aug/Sept2011, two container city performances
connected via Skype and Facebook


theater pigs’ appeal e.V. in co-production with the FFT

March 2009

german-cuban project – ‚Zement’ v. Müller & „speech of the dead mother“ v. Aguilera

conception, international organization, sponsoring & directing

July 07 / February 08

Versuch über das Wüste Leben’ novel of Gabriele Riedle
production lead (conception, travel org, sponsoring) & directing

Opening Puerto Rico: 19. July 2007, opening FFT, Düsseldorf: 15. February 2008

February 2009

Schauspielhaus Vienna, Austria

„Freud und seine Folgen: Folge 4: Witz“ – directing

season 06/07/08

Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, Germany

assistancee & musical composition for i.e. S.Baumgarten, Luk Perceval, O. Reese, M. Dietz, Erik Gedeon, F.Steiof

May 2008

‚r&j material’ Shakespeare adaption of Juliane Kann


October 2007

‚Das wundervolle Zwischending’ of Martin Heckmanns


season 04/05/06

Lucerne Theater, Switzerland

assistance und musical composition, for i.e. Thomas Jonigk, Alejandro Tantanian, Herbert Fritsch, Andrij Zholdak, Peter Carp

March 2006

‚Die 7 Leben eines Sportkameraden’

directing & tour planning

February – March 2005

 ‚Mercedes’ of Thomas Brasch – directing & sponsoring (Mercedes)


October 2005

Zurich Schauspielhaus, Switzerland

William Forsythe „City of Abstracts“, „Kammer Kammer“ „Human Writes“ 


2002 – 2004

Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin & Co-Productions

Dramaturgy assistance, music assistance, camera, production lead
for shows of i.e. Frank Castorf, Martin Wuttke, Gomez Pena

June-July 2003

Thalia Theater, Hamburg

internship for Kriegenburg’s ‚Unschuld’


SUNY – Stony Brook / Stony Brook Stages, New York

directing & assistance & artistic direction in the Cabaret @Spot


San Juan, Puerto Rico

directing a show in the Galeria Enlaces & Theatre Festival Puerto Rico


January – April 2002

Drilling Company, New York

dramaturgy & directing

Sept. – Dec. 2001

Ontological-Hysteric Theatre – Richard Foreman, New York

internship in production and dramaturgy at ‘Maria del Bosco’

May 2001 – Aug. 2001

Manhattan Ensemble Theater (MET), New York

Development Associate – season planning, design, setting up the MET data base, design of posters, marketing media and logos


Murray State University, Kentucky




Mai 2017

Fraunhofer Jahrestagung 2017 – extended (website, exhibit, award ceremony, public event)

Bronze at FAMAB AWARD 2017 in the category Best Integrated Brand Campaign

Nominated at EUBEA Award, category Convention

Bronze & 2x Honors at Galaxy Award, category Award Ceremony

3. Platz @ BEA


Juni 2016

Fraunhofer Jahrestagung 2016 (interaktives Labor)


BRONZE at the EUBEA Award in the category Best B2B Event



KIA European Dealer Convention 2016

für JOKE Event AG



August 2015

Porsche „Inspiration 911“

für pure perfection

Golden Award of Montreux 2015


Juni 2015

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft – Jahrestagung 2015

eine Lampen-Inszenierung // lamps as performers

GOLD at FAMAB AWARD 2015 In the category Best Corporate Event
BRONZE at EUBEA Award, category B2B


  • 1xSILVER Kommunikation im Raum Storytelling
  • BRONZE Corporate Event
  • BRONZE Event Craft: Light

GOLD ADC*E für Sounddesign

OPUS Award


May 2014

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft – Jahrestagung 2014

interactive floor projection

GOLD at the FAMAB AWARD 2014 in the category Best Corporate Event

GOLD at the EUBEA Award in the category B2B & specials and award for Best Technological Innovation

„Special Mention“ at German Design Award

Art Director´s Club Germany 2015 awarded in the category communication in the room craft



Philips Lighting, light+building

for MDL Expo

GOLD at German Design Award


January 2014

KIA, Dealer Convention

for JOKE

Gold Winner of the Galaxy Award in the category: Automotive Related



German (native tongue), English (fluent), Spanish (good), French

(good/basic knowledge), Russian (basic), Latin (Latinum)